August 16, 2015

August 16, 2015

Lily turned 11 years old today!  We camped out last night at Devil’s Lake and then packed up and went to House on the Rock which is a museum full of collections of an eccentric artist.  Lily loves the place and wanted to show us on her birthday (she went there earlier this summer with her Papa).  Then we came home to open presents, eat pizza and cake, and sing happy birthday with Grandma Tackett, Jenn, Lola, and Luna.  Lily starts 6th grade this week and will have her first art class and locker which she is very excited about.  I’m proud of her for choosing a new school just for the art program.  Today she made me laugh out loud when she said, “If Grandpa is still alive when I’m a fashion designer then I will design him a straw hat.”

Happy Birthday Dear Lily!



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