April 27, 2014

Here is Noah and his team with their first piece of hardware:  2nd place in a Cedar Rapids tournament.  I didn’t get to see any games, but I enjoyed all of the updates via text from Nathan.  Noah had a great weekend and got to stay at a hotel with his buddies–what could be more fun?

This weekend I enjoyed watching Lily play soccer and we had a slumber party Saturday night.  On Sunday we went to a stairclimb workout followed by yoga outside which was wonderful.  Then Lily got to play with her girl scout friends at the park.  Hopefully T4 can enjoy a weekend together soon.  How do families with more than 2 kids do it??

April 25, 2014

I had a much needed me Friday.   A workout and coffee with Lindsey,  lunch with (from left to right) Becky, Theresa, and Stacia, and an evening cookout with family and friends. Now back to the homework…

April 24, 2014

Lily had to practice soccer in the rain tonight.  It sprinkled but by the end started to pour.  She ran to the car giggling and soaking wet.  Oh and yes…she practiced soccer in a dress.