March 30, 2014

The last day of spring break was a beautiful, sunny day in the Quad Cities.  Noah had his first baseball game and hit a double and his team won 17-0.  Lily had her friend Mya over for a day of playing outside.  We went to the park and walked to get ice cream.  Here is a picture of the girls:  Mya, Lola, and Lily (Lola had to be in the picture after rolling in the grass).  I think someone missed us when we were on vacation.

March 29, 2014

We spent the last day of our spring break in Lafayette, Indiana, with our friends Leanne and Andy.  Leanne is a zookeeper there and gave us a backstage tour!  We met gibbons, spider monkeys, wallabies, a fennec fox!!, a llama, and a tortoise born in the 50’s.  

March 21, 2014

Senior citizen breakfast with my beautiful friend Liza. We love Panera and chatting.  Mom, this is Emmalyn, Eli, & Emmett’s Mom and she is finishing nursing school.