Lily’s Senior Year

Lily’s Senior Year

I forgot how busy senior year is.  Lily is finishing up her final high school track season.  Last week her 4×800 relay team qualified for state and Lily ran her personal record.  They received a ticket punched for the state meet in Des Moines this week!

Lily had her last figure skating show on April 24th.  Jason, Marile, Madison, and Elizabeth flew in from Virginia to see her skate.  She was a knife in the opening program, was in a trio with her friend Mylie and Sydney, and skated her solo to songs from Coco with her face painted like a skeleton.

Lily received the Gold Senior award from the US Figure Skating Association:

We had an exciting Saturday night last weekend with front-row seats for Stars on Ice.  We were up close and personal with Olympic figure skaters including Lily’s favorite skater, Nathan Chen.  What a wonderful experience for Lily’s senior year:

Video I took from the show:


Next up?  Lily’s senior show for Mrs. B’s art class is June 3rd.  She is showing 5 pieces of artwork that she created during high school.  I hope that she gives me “Lola, the Cow.”

Then graduation party June 4th and graduation June 5th!  After that, I think we will all need a vacation.

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