Cute guys

Cute guys

In the 1980’s, I loved INXS and U2 (I still do).  I of course dreamed of seeing them in concert.  U2 is still on my bucket list.  I did not attend a concert until college, and I saw INXS on 4/22/1994 with my college roommate Jean.  It was a real dream come true.


My Mom loved INXS and U2 as much as I did.  I bought her INXS KICK, and she would dance around the living room when she cleaned the house.  In 1988, U2’s documentary Rattle and Hum came out in the theater.  My Mom took me to the movie, and we loved it.  For Christmas, she bought me a photo book from the movie and wrote in it, “I’ll never forget our night watching these cute guys on the big screen.”  She was always so supportive of the bands that I loved.  

Fast forward to 2013 when Lily and I went with friends to a One Direction movie in the theater.  Lily loved the song “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction, and I found the song quite catchy as well.  Lily and I loved the movie, and our favorite band member was Harry Styles.

Fast forward 8 more years and Harry Styles has quite a solo career, and Lily and I listen to his music often.  We have turned Nathan Tackett into a Harry Styles and One Direction fan as well.  When Nathan makes dinner, he often begins by saying, “Alexa, shuffle songs by One Direction.”  

Harry Styles is touring the US right now, and I have spent a lot of time looking for tickets that were not over $1000.  I finally found a pair of decently priced tickets in Milwaukee for November 3rd.  Lily and I headed out after school on our own listening to Harry Styles all the way.  We arrived at our sketchy hotel, checked in, hoped for safety, and walked to the Fiserv Forum for one of the most amazing concerts!  Harry Styles put on an exciting show – full of energy, funny, and very loving.  We sat next to a dad and his daughter.  I asked the dad if he liked Harry Styles, and he said that he had never heard any of his songs but that he did like One Direction.  After the concert, I asked him what he thought.  He said, “I am more than anything amazed at what a great man he is.  He is so loving and accepting of everybody.  I’m definitely a fan now.”

I agree wholeheartedly.  I recently visited my Mom and told her about Harry Styles.  She asked to see a video of him, so I showed her our favorite video “Sign of the Times.”  After watching the video intently, my mom said, “What a cute guy!  Well, now Harry Styles has 3 generations of women who love him!”

And so the tradition continues…

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