May 22, 2015

May 22, 2015

May 22nd can only mean one thing…Noah is a year older.  Our 14 year old will graduate from Middle School next Friday and then start high school in August.  Janelle and I often comment that we remember being 14…vividly.  I still remember my locker combination and my freshman classes.  So Noah is making memories to last a lifetime.

Noah loves baseball (have you picked up on that?), nice shoes (he spends all of his money on shoes), cool socks, math, frisbee, and hanging out with his friends.  He picked Indian food for his birthday dinner and a lemon cake for the 14th year.  He strives for perfection at school, and he brings his math questions home to his Dad.  But I get to proofread his essays, and he is turning into a fine writer.  Noah fights a lot with his sister.  He hates mowing the lawn but loves the money from it.  We finally moved Noah’s room downstairs…so he is officially the teenage son in the basement.

Happy Birthday, Noah!  We know you are going to do great things.






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