Jenianuary 24, 2015

Jenianuary 24, 2015

Oh finally, the final day of Jenianuary!  Jenianuary 24, 2015, was a beautiful sunny winter day.  We started the day with a 7.5 mile run with Jenn Passman!


Then I picked the Indian restaurant for my birthday lunch (the kids love Indian food so they were very excited).  Next we went ice skating with the figure skaters of the Quad Cities and Lily got a free lesson and learned a new spin move.

I brought 3 teams of 8 people to trivia to raise money for Noah’s baseball season.  We didn’t win, but we had a great time.  And we went dancing afterwards.  All in all…a wonderful Jenianuary.  Thank you for the calls and texts, family…and the wonderful presents.  I was spiled once again but that is my lot in life as the youngest child.


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  1. I loved looking at all of your birthday celebration pictures, the beautiful cakes – especially the smaller pictures of you eating the yellow cake. You are adorable. And of course the picture of you & Nathan. Mama

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