July 19, 2014

We ran our 2nd family 5K of the summer.  We ran the zoo run in Lafayette,  Indiana, with our friends zookeeper Leanne and her boyfriend Andy.  The weather was perfect and then we toured the zoo, swam at a water park with a lazy river, had lunch, and went to the beach at the Indiana Dunes.  What a grest weekend!

July 17, 2014

Lily used pastels to recreate one of Grandpa’s wstercolors.  The best part is that she signed it in the same spot “L Tackett” just like “W Hottman.”  Art class really has her on a roll!

July 14, 2014

Lola and Lily won a trophy at the library pet show last Friday!  I forgot to post this and just realized that’s why Lola isn’t talking to me.  Lola or “champ” shook the hands of the judges.  She had some tough competition, but the girls walked away with a trophy!

July 11, 2014

From Left to right:  Drake (5), Frederick (1), Jose (25), Ian (99), Griffin (17), Mason (2), Anthony (16), Will (10), Jaren (9), Adam (15), and my favorite baseball player Noah (22).

Noah’s team went 5-0 the past 2 days at Nationals!  Noah said last night that he likes coming to Nationals with just me.  That made my week.